PRMS Clubs


Note: Please communicate with your child before school if they will be staying for clubs and confirm how they will get home after the clubs. A late bus is available at 3:20 p.m. to take students home each Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday when clubs are held. 

There may be delays getting home on the late bus the first few weeks of clubs as drivers adjust to the routes. 


Club Descriptions


Art Club 

Art Club students will be involved in creating murals for the Middle School, creating independent projects, and expanding their interest in the arts.  


Computer Club 

Are you interested in computers and the Internet? If you are, then the Computer Club is for you. In the Computer Club, you are free to pursue any appropriate computer-related interests you choose.


8-Bit Club 

The 8-Bit Club is an opportunity for students to socialize and have fun together based on their hobby of playing vintage/retro video games. Students will have the opportunity to play vintage, retro video games (original Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis) that focuses on teamwork and healthy competition.


Games Club 

Do you like to play different types of games?  Do you enjoy hanging out with friends in a relaxed environment?  If so, come to the Games Club every Tuesday after school in room 230 with Ms. Ortiz.  You will have the opportunity to communicate with peers, work collaboratively, and engage in problem solving  aa a a all while enjoying the favorite pastime of playing games: a variety of both old and new.  


Green PEAS 

Interested in helping make our school community a more Eco-friendly environment? Then consider joining the “Green PEAS” club with Mrs. Martinez. The purpose of the club is to help PRMS recycle and to create a positive change in our school community.  “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world, indeed it is the only thing that has.” -Margaret Mead


Homework Club 

Homework Club is for students who need a quiet place to get their homework started. 


Mindfulness Club

The Mindfulness Club is a club that will give students the opportunity to practice paying attention to the present moment on purpose with kindness and curiosity. Mindfulness has both formal and informal practices. Formally, to practice mindfulness, we take time apart from the rush of our day to sit, lie down, and bring awareness to our surroundings. There are core formal mindfulness practices which include breathing meditation, body scan, and mindful movement. The goal of the mindfulness club is for our students to learn how to regulate emotions, reduce stress levels, as well as enhance overall focus within their environment and classroom settings. 


Radio Club 

The PRMS Radio Club is for students who would like to have a say in what goes into the morning announcements, and those who would like to do the announcing.  Being a member does not mean that you have to go on the PA system: your role can be to compile information and help write the scripts.  All are welcome!


School Newspaper Club

Students in the Newspaper Club create articles for the online school newspaper.  Students choose their own topics and write about different aspects of their lives, both in and out of school.


School Store

Students are needed to help plan purchases, design the School Store and run it during lunch periods!  Students from each grade are needed if we want to keep the store open for all lunch periods.


Student Council 

Be an active participant in making our school and community a better place!  Have your voice heard and work together on upcoming spirit days, fundraisers, and awareness campaigns throughout the year.  This is the club that creates results.  All students are welcome to join in on the fun. Make a difference.


Yoga/Pilates Club 

The yoga and Pilates club will explore various kid friendly yoga poses and Pilates movements. We will also practice meditation and breathing techniques to help us find a sense of calm and balance in our day. Students should bring a yoga mat with them and may drop it off in room 127 in the morning.