School Counselors

Pearl River Middle School Counselors

School Counselors

As each student enters 5th grade, they are assigned a School Counselor based on their last name. This School Counselor is assigned to the student for all of their time in Middle School. The mission of Pearl River Middle School's school counseling program is to provide guidance, counseling and support for each student as he/she grows into a self-directed, responsible and contributing citizen, productive worker and lifelong learner. School counselors collaborate with teachers, administrators, related service providers, students, and parents/guardians to effectively monitor and support academics, attendance, safety, personal/social-emotional health and parent involvement.

School Counselors help students:

- learn the process of decision making
- develop skills in interpersonal relationships
- work toward self-understanding and self-acceptance
- understand and respect individual differences in others
- set and achieve goals
- be a reflective, purposeful, and responsible learner

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*If this is an urgent matter, outside of school hours please utilize one of the emergency resources below*


We understand that there are many difficulties and stressors that our students and families are dealing with.
We want to assure you that the Counseling Department remains ready and eager to support our students in person and remotely.

Online Coronavirus Resources

Resources from Rockland County

NY Project Hope (Emotional Support for coping with COVID-19)

Headspace (Science-backed meditation and mindfulness)

Emergency Resources

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK  (1-800-273-8255)

Behavioral Health Response Team (BHRT) at 845-517-0400 or toll-free at 1-844-255-BHRT (2478).

Crisis Text Line, an anonymous texting service available 24/7. Starting a conversation is easy. Text GOT5 to 741741.

Tips for Developing Healthy Outlets While at Home

Focus on what you can do and accept the things you can’t change.

Take time away from news on the Corona Virus.

Face Time, Skype or call friends and extended family.

Engage your creativity through art, music, singing or other creative endeavors.

Spend time outside.

Engaging on social media can be helpful at this time, but establish limits for screen time.

Make part of your daily routine identifying at least one genuine thing for which you’re grateful and share as a family.

Acknowledge how feelings of boredom, fear, frustration, less personal energy, anxiety or stress may exist for you and may be coming out in your family interactions.

Identify a collective family house project towards which everyone can pitch in.

After a day of maintaining a good routine, have a family game night or movie night.